AVIDTEL offers simple yet revolutionary products made specifically for the home enjoyment of Audio, Video and Data Services. Our products allow the interface of different carriers such as Satellite Direct to home, cable TV, broadband, etc.

Created in 2004 with the goal of finding the best solution for interfacing audio, video, and data at the home premises, AVIDTEL has been working to made possible the evolution of the technology to the best media comfort.

AVIDTEL also offer the best middleware, Graphical User Interfaces on the Hardware that make more enjoyable to surf the services like DTV, DAS, OTT, etc. Our solution includes, the Set Top Box, Middleware, and Graphical User Interfaces.

Furthermore, AVIDTEL helps the client to improve and develop their graphical user interfaces. Working in conjunction with CATV or Satellite operators our team provides the support, knowledge and ideas to create a unique and user friendly “Look & Feel” for their services, at no additional cost.

AVIDTEL solutions are based in DVB-S/S2 STB, CATV STB, OTT STB, IPTV and Dongles Hardware making sure to comply with all standards and interfacing correctly with the main Conditional Access Systems.



Our company Research and Development strategy is guide by these objectives:
• Anticipate R&D Investment for rapid commercialization.
• Re-use of platforms anywhere is possible to improve costs and the time to market
• Create NEW Concept and New products time in advance
• Enable new service that generates an additional margin for our customers
• Aggressive costing to support our customers to be competitive & generate volume
• Service and Quality to customer is a MUST DUE as priority NUMBER #1

Some of our clients in Latin America are, Cable & Wireless in Panama, Univisa in Ecuador, CableCom in Mexico y QualyTV / Albavision in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama. Our partners include, Verimatrix, Nagra, Clobetek and Media Networks.